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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Banking Domain interview Questions on Java Part-4

I hope you have completed all three parts of banking domain interview questions, now its time to jump over next set of questions .

Section A:

1) Current project explanation from cv
2) Roles and responsibilities in past projects
3) Technologies you know
4) Spring Cyclic dependency if class has B bean and class B has class A bean as @Autowired
5) Spring @Autowired annotation
6) In Spring is @Autowired B b in class A not get autowire then what is the problem scenarious in this and its fix
7) Abstract versus Interface
8) Duplets like 1, -1 , 3, -3 in array, and how to find number of duplets
9) Scenario based:- If many number of TREDS transaction are going on in threads and each transaction giving its value money amount and to find the total sum at any time of all previous transactions and threads transaction are going on from moring 9AM to 3:30 PM and at any time to evaluate total amount of all previous transactions.

Section B:
write the the linkedlist template class.
• Asked to write your stack using array and some question on functions push and pop and when/how will you resize it, give implementation logic.
• Problem statement : you have a file of 1000 line, read the line of file by using 10 thread in such a way line one read by thread 1, 2nd by thread 2, line 3 read by thread 3............. line 10 read by thread 10 again line 11 read by thread 1........ line 20 read by thread 10 .... and so on....
1) some question on wait , notifyAll() and synchronization and logic.
• Problem Statement: There is one way linked list find the Nth element from last.
Section C:
1. Static String variable in Interface and it’s accessibility through implementing/Extending class
2. Default method in java
3. Final modifier for to method of implementing class of interface and extending class of abstract class
4. Linked list vs Tree set
5. Hashmap-(get/put method functionality – Collision resolution, improvements in java 8, null as key, multithreading issues with synchronized map, comparison with Hash table, when it will behave as linklist and performance comparison in the same case with linklist time+space both).
6. Concurrent Hashmap- Read/Write/Delete functionality and their parallelism in case of multiple threads
7. Three threads needs to execute and main method waits for their finish, Join functionality internal working, wait internal working
8. What is executor framework and type of pools and way of returning futures
9. Scenario: Multiple threads are executing with one thread throwing unhandled runtime exception, what will be returned in future
10. Design patterns:- Singlton/ Difference between builder vs Factory
11. Joins in sql
12. Composite Key in sql
13. referential integrity
14. Composite key vs Foreign key relationship
15. Algorithm/Puzzle:
Array of 10 numbers: shift by two elements {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}{0,1,1,2,3,4,5,6,7}

Puzzle: Cut a rectangular cake in two equal half without using any scale to measure.

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