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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Banking Domain interview Questions on Java Part-3

Now its time for part-3 of CitiBank questions on Java. If you could learn all the sets which i am providing here . Then no one can stop you to crack banking domain companies interviews.

Section A:
1. Brief Introduction about Technical Back Ground, followed by some Questions related to project.
2. How do you create your Multi-Threaded Server, asked about its structure how to handle the request, how to maintain the pool how will you create Pool, how to ensure that thread return to Pool (Do not use any existing API to create the Pool)
3. Employee Object has Instance member which is used to generate the hash Code , put that object in a key and now change the state of the Object , what will happen in get Method and along this with worst case complexity when it will happen , race condition in Hash Map.
4. ++ operator, using volatile in multithreaded environment if use then why if not then what is reason and followed by question related to volatile.
5. Implement Linked List in Java
6. How does Array List is growable when backed by array.
7. Collections.SynchronizedList how does it return the synchronized Array List Reference and follow up by questions related to decorator pattern.
8. Why does Linked List don’t have Constructor which takes the initial capacity as an argument.
9. Can we make sure that Thread A will always start before Start Thread B.
10. How does Concurrent Hash Map maintain the lock and which locking mechanism is used by this.
11. Tree Map and its internal Structure.
12. Class have a method which return reference is there any need to make it thread safe as object is created in inside the method follow up by question related to Thread Safety how to make the class Thread Safe except Immutable.
13. Sleep and Wait Difference.

Section B:

1. Introduction .
2. Any particular challenge which you have faced in your last project .
3. Technologies which you have used in your last project .
4. Question over the string
String a= “test”;
String b= new (“test”)

Difference between them above two objects .
5. What is Spring bean
6. What is environment in spring
7. How to find all the duplets(Like 1,-1 is one duplet) from the given array . Array can be like 1,-1,-1,2,-1,-2,-5
8. How to make the class Singleton
9. There are two objects House and Person and the behavior move in that how I can design my system to implement the move behavior .
Example like : If I want to find that what all we need to do if I want to go out from living room to outside of the house .
Section C:
Question 1
Find out top 10 words from multiple files.

Question 2
There are 3 threads:

1st thread prints {1, 4, 7, …}
2nd thread prints {2, 5, 8, …}
3rd thread prints {3, 6, 9, …}

How will you print {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, ...}? (Write pseudocode).
few questions more from this program

Question 3
find out middle index from linked list

Question 4
Few questions based on non-static synchronization method and static synchronization method. As per design, is it best practice to have both in one class

Section D:
2. Whether the String is Palindrome?
3. What is stop method in Thread? (interrupt)
4. We have a huge file, find max occurrence of a keyword in that file.
5. Different methods in a hashmap, return type of values() method of Map.
6. Internal working of a HashMap. How does get and put work?
7. How can you ensure that 6 threads read the file sequentially.
8. ++ operator, using volatile in multithreaded environment if use then why if not then what is reason and followed by question related to volatile.
9. How to take thread dump?

Section E:
Q1. What is the difference between REST and SOAP?

Q2. Exception handling in REST

Q3.Difference PUT and POST?

Q4. There is paragraph with sentences and sentences contains words.
How will you define the order of the n number of threads such that each thread executes one after the other in the order of starting and print the n words for each sentence in each paragraph.

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